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SONGNET is a credit which allows you to download with ease the karaoke tracks in MIDI file and MP3 format and the Digital Scores that you can find in the website.

SONGNET is available in different amounts and it offers the following advantages:

  1. obtain immediatly a discount on the order of the karaoke backing tracks and digital scores;
  2. download your orders quicker, without having to insert you payment details everytime;
  3. save on the payment costs for the transactions, because you make only one transaction;


SONGNET, the credits to buy on the backing tracks in MIDI File and MP3 format and the Digital Scores at the best price.

Song Service offers musical tracks and Karaoke songs in MIDI and MP3 format. The Karaoke songs you can find at Song Service are italian hits and international, of all musical genres. New musical tracks are pubblished every week with the best professional quality: try our free Karaoke songs and hear the difference!