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Copyright of the Karaoke songs

From a legal perspective the Karaoke songs are fully considered both a work of art and a mean of record, reproduction, communication, distribution of music productions. On account of this midi files are protected by royalties, as audio cassette or compact disc record, and are subjected to the same legal regime (art. 171- 171bis, Law 633/41).

Copying, hiring, performing in public and distributing by any means, both for free or commercial purpose, are expressly forbidden by law. "Distribution" shall mean the transfer of the content to any other party. This includes, but is not limited to, selling or making the content available to other service providers, posting the content on peer-to-peer networks, and/or posting the content in online chat rooms, forums, or any other web site. It is expressly forbidden to use the MIDI file format for recording audio (both in MP3 or on Compact Disc) of individual tracks or the whole song.


M-Live Ltd is authorized by SIAE (Authors and Publishers' Italian Society) to sell digital on-line with license No. 1287/I/106.

The lyrics

All our files (Midi File GM/GS, Mp3 karaoke, MF3, MF4 e MF5) can contain lyrics scrolling in synchronous with the music. M-Live ltd has obtained rights for that use by musical publishers, holder of intellectual property rights on music played by above mentioned audio formats

Song Service offers musical tracks and Karaoke songs in MIDI and MP3 format. The Karaoke songs you can find at Song Service are italian hits and international, of all musical genres. New musical tracks are pubblished every week with the best professional quality: try our free Karaoke songs and hear the difference!
I contenuti musicali di rispettano i copyrights e la legge sul Diritto d'Autore. La basi musicali contenute su questo sito sono versioni cover rieseguite di brani originali e non utilizzano in alcun modo le voci o la registrazione originale citata. La proprietà delle Basi Musicali è di M-Live srl. Tutti i diritti degli autori delle Opere Musicali qui riprodotte e diffuse sono riservati.
È vietato rendere disponibili o distribuire i contenuti di Songservice in qualsiasi modo, inclusi gruppi facebook o altri social, reti peer-to-peer, forum, o qualsiasi altro sito web. È espressamente vietato utilizzare i MIDI File per la registrazione in formato Audio, anche parziale. Ogni utilizzo diverso dalla riproduzione o consultazione privata e individuale è proibito salvo nostra autorizzazione scritta.
M-Live è partner di molti editori Musicali, fra i quali:

M-Live ha Licenza SIAE per i diritti Fonomeccanici: nr.1287/I/106 del 18/07/2008