This backing track is a cover of the song Voglio made famous by Marco Mengoni


Brano 16 beat electropop molto sincopato, con una linea di basso che si incastra con la ritmica incalzante della batteria, creando continui cambi di tempo con anticipi e silenzi. L'ossatura portante del brano e' il synth saw, che si apre e chiude con un filtro.
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Batteria elettronica
Basso elettrico
Chitarra elettrica clean
Chitarra elettrica distorta
Synth (dente di sega)
Synth sequencer
Synth solo
Synth (voci)
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https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/METRONOME VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/DRUMS VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/BASS VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/CLEAN GUITAR VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/DIST GUITAR VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/SYNTH SAW VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/SYNTH SEQ VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/SYNTH SOLO VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/SYNTH VOICE VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/EFX VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/CORI MASCHILI VOGLIO.mp3
https://www.mp3-karaoke.org/uploads/preview_samples/2936/MELODIA VOGLIO.mp3
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